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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Competition in GPS apps

In case of Android, third party app needs to go through ease in with Google since they are their main competitor when it comes to GPS navigation maps. Within this post we are gonna list few of the apps that are most popular out there for common folk like us that want to download it for our smartphone or tablet.

When it comes to navigation apps there are free and paid ones, today we list little bit of both.

 GPS status Toolbox is one of the apps which pay off the best in a case of emergency, since you can send your sensitive information to your friends in case of something bad that happened. GPS and sensor data collect best information.

 Locus Pro is an app that comes with a price, but with a low one at that. It's a straight forward mapping app. It works similar to Google maps but surprisingly it caches even more data for you and your car on the road. Price is for about 5$ in US.

MapFactor is the one you heard about before already and if you haven't now you will.  It's similar to Sygic in a way it's a turn by turn navigation for Android and iOS. With voice guidance and Speed guidance assist it makes for one hell of an application.


In a conclusion there is a huge market out there for apps like Sygic and if you truly want the best experience for turn by turn navigation we recommend you stick with our friendly app.

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