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Saturday, 15 February 2014

New App from Sygic

 Speedometer, a new app from Sygic company. You are familiar with them probably cause you want to download their Sygic apk from our web site. So what is this new app we are talking about here? Firstly, it's called Speedometer. That might give you a hint of its meaning and function.

Have you ever got in trouble by cops on the road simply because road sign was hidden in the bush of some sorts or behind a tree and you stepped over your limit? If you did, then this app is for you. If you didn't it's still for you as long as you are a viable driver.

Sygic CEO about this said:
“Speedometer by Sygic is ideal for commuters who want to focus on the road, instead of where cameras may be hidden. We’ve already seen a huge demand for the app on Android,”.

Features Speedometer has are listed below: 

· Alerts for 55,000 speed traps and red light cameras worldwide
· Alert other drivers about nearby cameras with the touch of a button
· Track trip stats including time spent in car, average speed and distance traveled
· Set custom speed limit alerts in the app

Sounds like something promised from them to us drivers around the world. From India to USA where Sygic has most of it's customers.

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