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Friday, 21 November 2014

Android update, makeover with problems

In the light of the newest released update for Android by Google, called L or Lollipop as we wrote about the update itself before, it's expected from us to at least cover the impressions of the public and problems, if there were any.

Surprisingly as it is, the nexus users are the ones reporting problems, and warning others of updating. How is it that Google own project in smartphone market has problems with it's software? We are yet to find out, but as of right now that's the current status we hope is gonna change. Biggest concerns are about tablets and slowing down in almost everything after updating. Also as strange as it sounds, apps created via Adobe's Air tool disappear in some cases.


Google's spokesman said  ‘We're aware of reports that some Android users are facing issues and are looking into what might be the cause.’ Well that's good at least, although we are not 100% sure that they will resolve the issues fast. Something that we can recommend is to "reboot" the os if your device has such an options, or sometimes called clean wipe - start. There is a possibility that third party apps are causing issues, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Could it possibly be Sygic? Well there is a chance, but we are positive about apps from Sygic and they do have a big motive to work on their software, with such a large customer base behind them.

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